Why You Should Go For Regular Dental Check-ups

The idea of visiting a dentist is undesirable for most people. People tend to avoid dental visits until there’s a problem or an emergency. Almost 80% of Americans deliberately delay their dental care due to various reasons. According to the American Dental Association, 2.1 million visits to the emergency room are the result of dental problems. However, most dental emergencies can be prevented.

The best way to properly manage your oral health is to routinely see a dental professional. Surprisingly, a strict routine of brushing and flossing does not guarantee a disease-free mouth! Early detection may prevent suffering and could spare you pain and expense! This is why visiting your dental office at least every 6 months or as recommended by your dental health professional is recommended.

Dental check-ups in children

A child’s oral health is as important as their physical health for normal development. Here at Lakeview Pointe Dentistry, we can assess your child for any crowded, missing, crooked, or misaligned teeth. Timely interventions like atraumatic restorations, crowns, fluoride treatments, fissure sealants, etc. would help to prevent any dental problem from progressing. The earlier a Dentist discovers these problems, the less difficult and expensive treatment becomes.

What happens at your dental visit?

At your dental check-up visit, your dentist will thoroughly check all surfaces of your teeth for signs of decay, initial caries, stains, plaque, malalignment, etc. If required, some x-rays of your teeth may be taken. Dental professionals are the first ones to detect early signs of cancer or precancerous lesions and can even help in reversing them.

Following check-up, a full-mouth cleaning and polishing of your teeth will be performed to remove hardened plaque that cannot be removed with normal brushing or flossing.

Skipping dental appointments may not seem like a big deal, but oral issues can develop and quickly progress without proper care. The team at Lakeview Pointe Dentistry would love to get you scheduled for a dental exam and cleaning! Call or text us to get scheduled today!