General & Family Dentistry

You deserve quality dental care that looks at the overall oral health of you and your family. Patients in the Stillwater, Oklahoma, area can come to us for any needs pertaining to general and family dentistry.

As a general dentistry practitioner, Lakeview Pointe Dental can be your primary dental care provider. We can diagnose and treat all your oral health care needs. We are also a family dental practice that sees patients of all ages and provides treatment and comprehensive dental services for the whole family.

Types of Treatment We Offer as a General Dentistry Practice

Comprehensive general dentistry means not only treating you and your family and loved ones for oral health issues, but also educating you on good oral health habits. Healthy habits to keep in your home include brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice daily.

When you maintain good oral health habits throughout your life and supplement those habits with regular checkups at our office, you can expect to be more protected from disease and decay than others who forgo dental health services and healthy habits.

When you schedule a general dentistry appointment with us, you can expect the following treatments:

  • Dental Exams: We’ll take a close look at your teeth and gums, paying attention to any cavities that might have formed or could form.
  • X-Rays: Our x-rays will give us a good look at the inside of your teeth so we can watch out for signs of disease.
  • Routine Cleanings: Once we’ve made sure everything looks good, we’ll conduct a dental cleaning that will leave your teeth clean and fresh.

We can provide all these services and more when you come to Lakeview Pointe Dentistry for general dentistry for your whole family.

What Are the Advantages of Seeing a Family Dentist?

Seeing a family dentist is very important for families with young children. As your family dentist at Lakeview Pointe Dentistry, we will keep a record of your family’s dental health and monitor everything from gum health to permanent teeth coming in as your family grows up.

With this kind of monitoring and record keeping, you can expect that we’ll be ready and able to handle anything that could come up, from misaligned teeth to cavities.

Contact Our Office for Family Dental Care Today

Give our office a call today to set up a general dentistry appointment. Our office looks forward to forming lasting connections with you and your family that will benefit your oral health for years to come!